With the rise of the gig-economy and preferences of the modern workforce shifting to flexible work that fits around their lifestyle, Flexy uses technology to streamline the temporary recruitment process for companies looking for flexible labour, and individuals looking for flexible work.


Designed and built by a team of psychologists, recruitment experts, and digital architects, Flexy launched in the UK in 2015 and has grown to become a leading flexible working platform. Since its acquisition by Impellam Group PLC in 2019, the Flexy team has expanded its service to bring this innovative, data-driven platform to Australia.

Flexy is at the forefront of flexible working innovation, and provides an easy to use solution for companies, that solves a highly complex issue. Flexy has evolved from a simple job marketplace to a complete digital employment platform able to provide insights and candidate experiences far beyond traditional recruitment agencies. The efficiency gained through technology has in turn created better value for both sides of the marketplace.

With Flexy, flexible working has never been so simple.

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