How to know if flexible working is for you?

Traditionally speaking, people tend to prefer a permanent, full-time job with financial stability, employee benefits, that sort of thing. But there are obvious down-sides to permanent jobs, and some people are just better suited towards flexible working. Here are the 5 types of flexible workers we commonly see at Flexy:

1. The Student

These are people who are studying, be it for a certificate, TAFE qualification, Bachelors’ or Masters’. They may want to supplement their course fees (which, we all know, aren’t getting any cheaper…), or want some extra beer money. Regardless, everyone knows having more work experience, especially as a student, is beneficial in the long-term because it pads out your CV. 

2. The Creatives & Athletes

These are the ones who aspire towards becoming actors, athletes, musicians, painters, etc. It’s not easy to make it in these industries, and especially in Australia, where the rent is high and you must support yourself somehow. These people enjoy the flexibility of temporary and part-time work, because it allows them to support themselves financially in their pursuit of their dreams and passion, but without the rigidity of a full-time 9-to-5 day job.

3. The Stay-At-Home Parent

Let’s say you have a young child. Having children is expensive, so many parents must work to top-up their household income, but parents often need to be home by 3pm to make their child a snack and make sure they don’t accidentally injure themselves at home with no adult supervision. Many stay-at-home parents do flexible work, as they can then tailor their work schedules around the needs of their children

4. The Job Seeker

As mentioned above, I have personal experience with this. I wanted to work as a barista while I was looking for a full-time position, but 1. I didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge, and 2. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get time off to interview for full-time positions once I started working at my local café (perhaps just an excuse for my lack of courage). Flexible work would have been the best option for me (if I’d known about it), as I wouldn’t be committed to any hours, and I’d still be able to interview whenever, with the added bonus of being self-sufficient. Also, when the interviewers ask that inevitable question: “So, what have you been doing for the past few months?”, it would have saved me the embarrassment of saying “uhhhh, full-time job hunting?”.

5. The Retiree

Have you ever seen that movie The Intern? If the answer is yes, then you’ll know where this is going. There is some sort of stigma surrounding the hiring of mature workers, but retirees have a wealth of knowledge and experience companies could tap into; not to mention their exemplary levels of reliability. Some may just be bored of retired life, like Ben from The Intern, but may not necessary want a full-time job, while others may simply want some extra financial support. Regardless, this is a group of flexible workers who are often ignored.

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