Make flexible working simple

Whether you’re looking for work for 1 day or 1 year, join our flexible working community to find great short-term jobs near you. Download the app to get started.

Flexible working to suit you

Flexy makes it quick and easy to find quality temp jobs in your area, with fair hourly rates and quick payment.

  • We suggest jobs based on the kind of work and location you prefer
  • All jobs are fully vetted and rated
  • You can submit your timesheets and track your earnings in the Flexy app
  • We manage all Tax and Superannuation contributions for you

How Flexy works

  1. Download the Flexy app, create your profile and follow a short onboarding process.
  2. Apply for jobs based on your location, skills and preferences.
  3. Book shifts and check-in/out on the app when you arrive/leave for work to create timesheets.
  4. Get paid weekly straight into your bank account (minus tax and superannuation).

Make flexible working simple

Flexy streamlines the temping process and takes the hassle away from finding and booking temporary jobs in your area.

  • Book shifts that suit your schedule
  • Track your jobs and earnings
  • Get customised jobs alerts and shift reminders
  • Guaranteed secure payment and data handling



Please register for a worker account via the smartphone app.


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