Sarah, a new mum, explains how a warehouse job with Flexy helped her get back to work

It was difficult watching my daughter go off to nursery. I had spent two years at home with her, and though there were a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of tantrums and a mountain of dirty nappies, I loved every minute of being home with her. Still, it’s important she spends time around other children, and for me to spend more time around other adults. She’s at nursery three times a week, and finding myself with new found free time and with an ever-increasing list of expenditures I decided to get back to work.

Before I had my daughter, I had worked in retail. It sounds strange, but I actually really enjoyed being on my feet all day. I’ve always been an active person, and though it would have been nice to be outside a little more, working on a shop floor was really fun. However, I wasn’t really keen to go back in to sales. The time I spent at home had made me a little hesitant to deal with customers all day. Most are fine, but some can be very difficult, and I just didn’t feel like the added stress would be good for anyone.

So I wanted a job I could do part-time, where I was on my feet, but preferably without dealing with customers. My partner suggested working in a warehouse. I really wasn’t sure about it. My idea of a warehouse was very “laddy”, and not particularly friendly towards women. Still, I started looking into it, and found that there were lots of ladies involved in the industry, and furthermore it seemed like a lot of fun. I decided to give it a go once a week, just to see whether it was for me or not.

Thankfully, I absolutely love it! I’m now up to 3 shifts a week, and I’ve managed to organise them around looking after my daughter. The work is tough, but in a good way. I never feel too much is being expected of me, but at the same time there is still plenty to be getting on with. The pay is a lot better than you might expect, which is really helping us out, and I’m getting so fit, which was needed after staying at home for the better part of two years. Most of the people I work with are lovely, and we have a bit of friendly competition between teams. Many other workers are in similar situations to mine, as in they have to work at specific times, and this sort of work is ideal for us.

Most of all, though, it’s amazing to finish my shift and go straight back into Mum mode. My main concern with going back to work was that the added stress and exhaustion would somehow affect my relationship with my daughter, but with my warehouse job I’m able to leave work, admittedly with slightly sore feet, and not take that work home with me. At the moment, I’m a worker second and a Mum first, and this job allows me to fulfill those duties.



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