Temporary working and the balancing act

The nature of temporary work can be unpredictable but for many the spontaneity is exactly why ‘temping’ is perfect. Temping requires a balancing act – timing when to look for a new job before your current job expires so you move straight into work. Further balancing acts, especially for those of us who are students, budding actors/actresses, musicians, or athletes, include trying to fit job hunting around assignments, auditioning, practice, and rehearsals.

Whatever the reason you choose to go down the temping path, the balancing act can be a concern for people with financial commitments, like rent, bills, repayments etc. Not knowing where the next job might come from, how long it will be or at what rate of pay can make planning difficult. Despite this temping gives you great opportunities to work when it suits your schedule, meet new people and gain experience in a range of roles.

One person said “I enjoy balancing temporary jobs throughout my summer holiday as it’s a way to earn money and make connections for later in life. By working numerous temporary jobs and leaving the positions on good terms, I have already created positive connections with the employers. Temporary work paves the way for easier and faster network building in ways that can’t be rivalled elsewhere.”

To help manage the balancing act, an app like Flexy provides a quick and easy way to find regular temp work. It has an app-based booking system where jobs are posted daily, you can book into them on your phone and get notifications when new shifts are available. You can also monitor your pay and check in and out of shifts to track arrival and departure times before your timesheet is submitted. This is ideal, especially for students who want to get jobs quickly but still need to find shifts that suit their schedule.

Temporary work provides huge benefits to many people, benefits that can’t be offered by full time of even part time work. While temping can be a balancing act, apps like Flexy are making it easier to find and manage temp work, giving you an easier way to balance work, life and financial commitments.



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